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Susie Washington


Is emu oil good for eye wrinkles ?

I heard that emu oil is good for eye wrinkles. Is it true? How can emu oil help eye wrinkles?
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  • Ana


    The answer is absolutely yes, emu oil is actually good for eye wrinkles in fact. The emu oil is a cosmetic product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Use nightly, this creme helps to insulate skin from premature aging factors,Thus it can do a help to reduce the eye wrinkles. Besides, advance formulation of emu oil also contains purcelin oil and is also effective for dark circle and dehydrated skin. In addition, you also should be aware of that wrinkles can be due to lack of sleepless and the bad diet habit. So just drink enough water and have good rest. I think you will obviously see the changes soon.
  • wesley


    Yes, the emu oil is good for eye wrinkles which could be caused by the aging problem and the bad sleep. When you get older after 25 years old, the collagen inner the body will become less and your skin of the eyes will become loose. It is easy to have the eye wrinkles. The emu oil contains a lot of nutrition. The unsaturated fatty acid and linolenic acid of emu oil can effectively alleviate pain and inflammation. The peppermint oil has the evacuation of wind hot. It can clear the body, stimulate brain thinking, clear thoughts and strengthen memory effect. The active oxygen factor can produce a large number of negative ions. Containing the vitamin B, the emu oil can be absorbed by the skin of the eyes which could reduce your eye wrinkles. It could make your skin become smooth. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and better.
  • Alexa joyce


    It seems that you are quite interested in such oil, which is one of the most nutritional ones in the world, and basically, it is a natural product that would be easily absorbed by your skin. It is said that emu oil would make your skin moist and more shining, so you could try to get it on your skin and message softly until it finally disappears. But I should remind you that you should figure out what led to your wrinkles and then take actions against your problem so that wrinkles would be relieved to a greater extent.