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Can tiredness cause droopy eyelid?

Is it possible to cause droopy eyelid because of tiredness? If so, how to treat it? Can getting a good rest help to recover?
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  • Alexandria


    For I know that tiredness can cause droopy eyelid. Droop eyelid can make you appear sleepy or tired. And droop eyelid can caused by many problems, such as aging, horner syndrome, diabetes, myasthenia gravis and so on. And there is no treatment if it caused by aging. For other reasons, such as allergic reaction, nerve injury, you can consult your doctor for help.
  • Olavi


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the droopy eyelid because of tiredness. When you are so tired at the eyes, the eye muscles will be in the tight state which will loose the eyes surrounding skins. That is why you get the droopy eyelids. You could have the good rest to help you recover from the droopy eyelid. In addition, you could also use the oil essentials to make the eyes skin get moisture.


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes, and from what I know, droopy eyelid is a very complicated problem that some of us would have. As a matter of fact, the problem could be divided into different types, which is based on the causes. As you asked, tiredness or fatigue, would make droopy eyelid worse, but generally speaking, it would not give rise to droopy eyelid. If the situation is really bad, I suggest you visit a doctor.