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Does hemorrhoid cream work for eye bags?

Can i use hemorrhoid cream to help my eye bags? Does it work? or it is bad to my eyes?
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  • handshakedevon


    It's depends. Hemorrhoid creams contain phenylephrine, which could make blood flowing less in the area where you plaster it. If you use it for emergency reduce eye bags, it may help. But it's not a good choice for actually reduce eye bags because hemorrhoid cream may cause side effects, such as allergies. Use the eye cream instead of hemorrhoid cream should be a better choice.
  • Angela tuener


    What is eye bags? Actually, it's eye puffiness, or we all called puffy eyes. Eye bags really makes our appearance much horrible, especially for girls. I believe that many girls have fought for eye bags for many years. I made a deep surfing online and found out some main reasons for eye bags which just as follows: crying, normal aging, diet and oversleeping. So the guys who wanna be much more beautiful or keep young, remember the real killers. It's true that people benefit from using hemorrhoid cream to treat eye bags, exactly reduce puffiness or swelling under eyes. This is particularly true of creams, but not the case with medicated pads for hemorrhoids. And I also heard that vitamin supplements have a great help for eye bags, so eating cucumber after meals and have some fresh fruits. They are not only help eye bags, but also work on skin. Soften and young skin needs vitamins.
  • Melanie gerard


    I don't suggest you to use hemorrhoid cream to help you with your eye bags although the hemorrhoid cream has the role of anti-inflammation. It will make your eyes skin be sensitive. You'd better choose another way, like using the way of warm compress or adoption of tea bag. These two ways may help you release the eye bags in a proper way.