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Arianna walker


Can stroke cause red eyes ?

Is it possible that stroke cause red eyes ?
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  • etherealfreak


    Well, yes, stroke can lead to red eyes. First, you should know that stroke can lead to an injury in the brain. And then the injury will affect the way the brain functions. Of course, in that way, it will just lead to some disorder in your head. For example, vomiting may occur. Also, it can lead to blurry vision, red eyes, sensitivity to light, and other symptoms. And it also produces symptoms that may not appear right away. At that moment, it can be dangerous. so when you have red eyes, you may need to go and have an exam to check your situation.
  • Jack


    Yes, it may cause red eyes. We know that eyes are the most delicate and soft organs in human body. Eyes are full of capillaries and nerve ends, so they are very sensitive and easy to get red. The red spots in eyes are caused by broken capillaries in eyes. There are so many possibilities which can make the small vessels broken, including any movement or action we do every day, crying, coughing, weight lifting, rubbing eyes, and so on. All of these daily actions we do will increase pressure in eyes resulted in capillaries broken. Stroke occurs when the block supply to brain is interrupted or reduced. Without enough blood with oxygen, the brain cells begin to die. A stroke is a serious medical emergency, which might probably lead to walking, speaking or disability, vision impairment, headache or even death. It is serious problem which requires immediately treatment. It is very easy to get bloodshot in eyes after a stroke, because the high blood pressure would break the delicate vessels in eyes. But bloodshot is very tiny problem which can go off within days without requirement of treatment. Stroke is the most serious problem which need your full attention. Communicate with your doctor to prevent a stroke or more damages from a stroke. Good luck!
  • Jack percy


    Yes, stroke will cause the red eyes. As we know, the throat and eyes are interlinked at the nerves. When you have the heavy strokes, your eye nerves will be affected. Your eyes may become red suddenly. However, it is temporary. You just wait for some time to get reduced. You could also use some eye drops to release it.