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Jack percy


What are benefits of green tea on eyes ?

I heard that drinking more green tea is good for eyes. So, can you tell me what are the benefits of taking green tea?
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  • charger101


    It's been reported that scientists found green tea contain catechins, a kind of antioxidants thought capable of protect the eye against glaucoma and other common eye diseases. Other beneficial substances of green tea include vitamin C and E, lutein, and zeaxanthin, the common substances as we known that good for our health, especially for the eye health.
  • Mya


    Yes, drinking more green tea will be good for eyes which will bright your eyes and clear your eyes. Besides this function, green tea has many other advantages. It owns the function of whitening and UV protection. The catechin of green tea in class material has the resistance to UV - B which is the cause of skin cancer. In addition, it has the anti-aging role. The green tea contains antioxidant which helps aging resistance because the process of human metabolism. It can produce a large number of free radicals. It also can make cell injury SOD which is a free radical scavenger. It can effectively remove excess free radicals and prevent free radical which damages to human body. The green tea may quicken your digestion which may keep you fit in the whole body. You could get a lot of benefits from the green tea which is really a good thing for your body.
  • classiccarguy89


    Well, it seems to me you are very concerned about your eye health, I mean, that is good news. So, as a matter of fact, green tea is one of the most healthy stuff in the world which does a great deal of good to many parts of your body, including your eyes, making your eyes less strained after working for hours and resist some eye problems from happening. But just try not to drink too much of it and pay more attention to other aspects of your life.