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Anthony gary


How to improve vision without glasses or contacts?

I am nearsighted. But i don't want to buy wear eyeglasses, neither contact lenses. Is there other way that can improve vision?
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  • Aaron


    I believe you are not happy with your myopia because you could make you accompanied by eyewear all the time, which could bring a lot of inconvenience to you and affect your looks. So, if you want to get rid of those stuff, you need to get some special devices which could improve your vision. Also, you need to have a healthier diet designed for nearsighted people. And, you should form healthy living habits. Maybe surgery could help you if these tips are useless.
  • Yaron Cheng


    Uh, it is true that many people are not suitable to wear glasses. Because people choose glasses based on their own skin color and face shape, however, most people cannot find a beautiful pair in whole life. So do operation is the first measure to avoid wearing glasses. But it is still bad for eye health. I think the best way is to look something far away and have a rest. Eating much fresh fruits and vegetables to increase VitaminC.
  • crazyasswhatnow


    Besides of eyewear to help correct vision, you could adapt laser surgery to correct vision ability. Yet I heard that the effect of this surgery could not last for long. You could get nearsighted again and even get worse vision. When I was in primary school, teachers used to ask me to do eye exercises, which might help vision correction. It is just like doing massage to your eyes to relax the muscles and lens, which might be tired because of long time working. I don't know why you don't like eyewear. I think they are convenient and they could provide me with clear vision easily. Meanwhile glasses could help correct vision too. It is easy with no pain, convenient with effect immediately without worry of surgeries. I suggest you to have a try. Glasses could be decoration too, make you look professional. Contact lenses are very good stuffs. Wearing them will give you a feeling that you are not nearsighted at all. This is exactly how I feel when I wore contact lenses the first time. Since then, I became so obsessed with contact lenses. Hope you could have try and like them.