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How to fix scratches on prescription sunglasses?

My naughty boy dashed my prescription sunglasses to the ground by accident and now there're some scrathes on it. Can I remove them by myself? Any suggestions? THanks!
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  • Lex


    Don't worry about that, it can be simply removed. First, wash the eyeglasses lenses carefully with hot water and spread soap on it to remove any dirt or residue. Second, spray a wood-cleaning spray onto your eyegalsses lenses.Third, wipe off the wood-cleaning spray with an eyeglasses cloth or soft cloth. Eyeglasses cloth has special fibers that don't further damage or scratch glasses, including glasses with plastic lenses.Forth, spray a small amount of petroleum jelly over each scratch. This will coat the scratches and fill in the crevices, making them less noticeable.Fifth, Wipe off the petroleum jelly with an eyeglasses cloth. If you still see scratches, repeat the five-step process again. If your scratches are particularly deep, you may have to get your lenses replaced. Source:
  • elpropio


    Toothpaste may work for an home remedy,and it is suggested by many people.You can have a try.
  • evil_bastardpdx


    It depend on the material of your sunglasses lenses.If it is plastic, then you can do as follows:First, use soap to wash glasses in hot water to remove the dirt. Second, place a scratch repair product like Armour-Etch on your lenses,then use a soft cloth rub the lenses in a circular motion. Third, rinse and dry them off. Forth, use toothpaste to abrasively rub the scratches on the plastic lenses with a soft cloth. Finally,rinse under hot water and dry them off
  • eddy


    If your sunglasses are plastic and the scratch is minor,here are some ways you can try: Step 1: Wash and Dry the glasses Step 2: Apply eyeglass scratch remover to the lenses Furniture polish can be used to remove lens scratches effectively. In this step, just spray some furniture polish on the scratched lens or lenses. This solution will help in coating the lens scratches and fill in the crevices. As a result, each scratch will become less noticeable. Step 3: Rub an eyeglass cloth against each scratch After applying furniture polish or petroleum jelly onto each scratch, it is also necessary to rub the lenses with a professional cloth mildly in a circular motion. For each time, five seconds are enough. Step 4: Have a checkup After rubbing each scratch, it is important to check whether all scratches have been removed. If there is still a scratch, repeat the first three steps until all scratches become invisible. Step 5: Clean and dry the glasses Finally it is a necessity to clean the glasses in depth because the lenses have been applied with certain solution or scratch remover. This is similar to the first step.