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Ana evelyn


What is the percentage that LASIK surgery not work well?

I'm thinking of getting LASIK surgery,but afraid it won't work well on what is the percentage?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    The percentage of the failed surgery is below 5%. It depends on many factors, the medical machine used, the skills and experiences of the doctor, your eyes condition, the protection from your eyes with 24-48 hours after the surgery etc.
  • Vanessa edward


    Don't worry too much. There is little chance that lasik surgery won't work well. It is possible between 1% and 5%.
  • Kyle��kirk


    I have heard that the percentage of success in lasik surgery is 98%,once there are any problems during the surgery and cause serious complication,it is invocatable.So I would not suggest lasik surgery if unnecessary.
  • etje


    About 95-98%.Be sure to choose a renowned hospital and experienced doctor.The chance of success would be more.

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