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How do you feel during the procedure of Lasik surgery?

Would it be painful?I'm afraid of pain and I really hate the idea of doing the surgery,but my dad asked me to do.
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  • Isabel fergus


    Your eyes will be numbed so that the whole process is not painful, and the whole process takes about 10 min. You can feel all what doctors do on your eyes and the wetness from the solution. Never be afraid of this, you may think all will be well after the limited 10 mins.
  • Derek T.


    You would not feel pain since you are anesthetic. The only thing you may feel is discomfort at first when they use the speculum to open your eye.But you will get used to it soon.
  • Audrey


    For my experience,It didn't hurt at all due to the narcotic.The doctor will use eye drop anesthesia to numb the eyes before the surgery.You will be put to sleep during the procedure.Some people will feel slight pain but it is endurable.The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes.Don't worry about that.

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