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Benjamin gary


What are the risks of having the Lasik Surgery?

Can anyone tell me the risks after surgery or after several years have passed?
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  • abbyabbie


    There are several complications associated with LASIK procedures, some more prevalent than others. However, newer technology and better-qualified surgeons now report the risks associated with LASIK are more along the lines of 1%. Here listed several complications of lasik surgery: Irregular Astigmatism, Keratectasia ,Dry eye, Infection, Night Vision Problems, Over or under correction. More details please refer to
  • erraticgothles


    After several years, you may be treated with another surgery due to overcorrection or undercorrection that you got during the first lasik surgery. There are also the risks of being blind and having night driving difficulties. However, the chance you get the risk of lasik surgery is less than 1%.