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What is your opinion about lasik eye surgery?

I want to get lasik surgery ,but someone told me 20 years later the vision would be worse than before and they were practically blind. Is that true?
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  • cocreative


    Maybe it is not true. My dad had a surgery for 5 years and until now everything goes well, he has clear vision ,he don't have to wear his eyeglasses or any contacts, In fact, you should take care of your eyes after the surgery, pay special attention to the eye health cuz eyes are much easier infected before the surgery.Take a rest after long time of using eyes.
  • Ariana oliver


    In my opinion, although lasik surgery is safe now, I am scared that It will have lots of side effects.So I would rather choose to wear glasses than have a lasik eye surgery.
  • walksonthabeach


    Maybe it is true,but currently there is no record showing that vision would be worse 20 years later.It requires long time of observation and research.But there are some complications for the surgery.The most common complication of lasik surgery is overcorrection or undercorrection .These may need a certain time of observation and consider a second surgery.The percentage of success in lasik surgery is 98%,once there are any problems during the surgery and cause serious complication,it is invocatable.So I would not suggest lasik surgery if unnecessary.