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J Bell


Is the difference between prescription glasses and clear glasses readily noticeable?

Is it just the prescription which makes a little correction?
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  • Miranda clark


    The prescription on the prescription glasses and the clear glasses makes the difference. The lenses for nearsighted people are thinner in the middle and thicker all around. But the lenses for farsighted people are thick in the middle and thinner all around. Some lenses for people who are slightly farsighted seemed to be alomst the same with non-prescription lenses.
  • Andrea warren


    Different people may have different ideas. To the nearsightes people, the difference between prescription glasses and clear glasses may be noticeable.While young people with slightly farsightedness will find there's little difference between the prescription glasses and clear glsses.
  • elliekate825


    If you only see them through the outlook,I think there is no noticeable differences except the very thick lenses in high prescription.