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Matthew baker


Does retin A help dark circles under eyes?

Can i use retin A to reduce my dark circles under eyes? Do they work?
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  • Marissa george


    Well, it is good for you to resort to retin A, which is one of the most effective stuff in making your skin fresh and white. As a matter of fact, nowadays, retin A has been widely applied in cosmetic products all over the world and it proved to be quite effective. With retin A, your skin would be improved and refreshed in a natural and effective way. And some eye creams made up of retin A is quite amazing in treating dark circles.
  • Nathan harris


    Yes, the use of retin A will reduce your dark circles under the eyes which are caused by the lack of sleep, lack of nutrition and so on. Because the physiology of measured spectral sensitivity curve is cinsistent with photoreceptor in photochemical absorption spectrum, the visual pigment is the first material foundation. Retin As a kind of chromophores as a prosthetic group pigment protein.Due to the complicated structure, it is the chemical composition which has not yet fully understand. It contains the protein inside. When you use the retin A, your eyes surrounding parts will quick the blood circulation. At the same time, your eyes will become moisture. Your dark circles under the eyes will be released.