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Can cat allergies cause puffy eyes?

Does cat allergies lead to puffy eyes? Or what makes my eyes puffiness?
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  • Danielle


    Yes, the cat allergies will lead to your puffy eyes. When you get cat allergies, you will have weak immune system in the whole body and you may have the disorder work in the eyes. The eyes surrounding skin is so weak that you may get the eyes puffiness because of the allergic skin around the eyes.
  • Ryan evelyn


    Well, yes, allergies can lead to puffy eyes. As we know that eye puffiness is a type of fluid build-up. And they are also known as dropsy in the tissues around your eyes. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can lead to puffy eyes. For example, allergies or infections that can cause inflammation and swelling, and sinus problems. In that way, puffy eyes can occur. Also, over consumption of salt can cause fluid retention, leading to puffy eyes. anyway, you should be more careful about it.
  • Maye


    Of course, it does. What is puffiness of eyes? It is excess edema in the soft tissues around eyes. It is common symptoms of allergy, infection, inflammation and physical irritation. Just as I introduced above, there are many causes for puffy eyes. If you got cat allergy around your eyes, then your puffy eyes probable are caused by the allergy. It is not serious problem. The puffiness can go off with the causes to it. Don't worry.