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Where can i get nerd glasses like hathaway's?

I want to buy eyeglasses that hathaway wears. Can you tell me where can i buy it?
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  • christy9589


    Well, as you can see, Annie hathaway is one of the most popular actresses in the USA, I personally find her very sexy and charming. And as a matter of fact, the type of glasses she wears is just common nerd glasses, which is not very special. And of course you could easily find many of them at some e-commerce websites such as Alibaba and eBay, where a lot of nerd glasses gather together.
  • hill


    It is the big and black nerd eyeglasses that hathaway wears. If you want to buy such similar type, you could go to the online stores to have a search. There are many such types of eyeglasses this year because they are the popular types. The online store will provide the relative suitable price. And the quality there is just as good as those in the real stores.