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What are glasses suitable for a narrow face?

i have a narrow and small face. What shaped glasses will look good on me? Any idea? And where can we find them?
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  • emily_109


    You are luck to have a marrow and small face. You know, there are many women pursuit of small faces. Anyway. to flatter you, you can wear cat eye style eyeglasses that very suitable people with small faces. Besides i think you can also try thick framed round eyeglasses that can make your face look less small and narrow. Anyway, the best way to know what glasses fitting for you is try on some different style glasses and choose the best look one.
  • Mya


    I think that the blue-framed glasses are more suitable for narrow face. It will make you look more polite and cuter. Of course, you also need to consider the color of your skin. If you are a white skin, color frame is a good choice and you shall make the lenses can't be too small. If your skin is not very white, you should choose a light color. Likewise, such as blue, would be suitable for you. Suggest you look online, because there are full of types and often discounts. Perhaps you can try, just like Zennical, Firmooand, eyebuydirect.

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