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Andrea warren


What exactly are clear lens glasses?

Many people wear clear lens glasses but they do not have vision problems? I am wondering why these guys wear glasses. What are clear lens glasses?
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  • Alexandria


    The clear lens glasses are also known as non-prescription glasses, which has become a kind of famous cosmetic glasses these days. Compared with the prescription glasses, it can be used as image enhancement and eye protection. In other words, it's decorating eyes instead of correcting them. There are some advantages that the reason why it's popular. First and foremost, it presents the function of decorative tool out there. The normal prescription glasses are selected to correct eye vision as the primary purpose. And the price would be cheaper than the prescription glasses. Additionally, it's a perfect protective tool, which can block UV layers and decrease the risk of getting cataract and other eye diseases. At last but not the least, there are alternative various types of color, frame shapes and materials for clear lens glasses, which can fit your image and age in the best way.
  • walkingthesky


    Well, this is very common that people have good vision but wear glasses. Glasses have the function of decorate people's face, so this may be one of the reasons for them wearing glasses with excellent vision. Besides, some people think wearing glasses are cool and they like the feeling of nerdy or something. All in all, different people have different reasons to wear glasses. Clear lens glasses are eyeglasses with non prescription glasses. They are fashion accessory to spice up wearers' look.
  • Rickey Stumphf


    That people wear glasses does not mean they have vision problems. For the people of modern society, it is said that glasses to eyesight is not only a kind of correction. Eyeglasses frames are also a kind of jewelry. Glasses can not only correct vision, also can change face defects, such as round-faced people wear square eyeglasses, and his face is not so round when others see. Also a lot of people take clear lens glasses specially in order to reveal his scholars feeling. At the same time, now lots of the clear lens glasses have functions just like avoiding radiation or uv protection. Because, wearing clear lens glasses does not have any bad influence to eyes, but because of the weight of glasses itself, it may become burden to nose.
  • Loneleaf lase


    thanks for telling me that i can buy clear len glasses know.
  • lily


    taken out the lens?

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