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How to take good care of rimless glasses?

It is said that rimless glasses are easy to be broken? Is there anyone who can tell me tips about how to take care of my rimless eyeglasses? Thanks a lot!
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  • walker67


    Yes. Since they have no frames at all around the lenses, you shall take care of them. Place it in case when you not use it. To avoid scratches, please not hang the rimless glasses on your clothes or bags and not wipe the lenses with your clothes or T-shirt. Besides, you shall place the eyeglasses in dry and cool places to protect the coating on the lenses. In fact, most of modern rimless eyeglasses made of impact resistant material that hard to broken. So, you don't worry about that.


    The rimless glasses are really easy to break. The role of eyeglass frame is not only for beautiful, but also for protecting the lens from damage. The rimless glasses meets the needs about glasses' weight and beauty on the one hand, on the other hand, also the protection of glasses. I also wear the rimless glasses. With my own experience, I suggest that: First of all, can't wear the rimless glasses to do sports, because it is easy to fall after sweat, and then might be broken. Secondly, when you put off the glasses, it must be wrapped up by glasses clothing, and put into the glasses box, in order to avoiding being scraped. Next, the rimless glasses can install a plastic clip on the end of the glasses' legs, so the glasses can be hooked on the ears' back, and is not easy to fall. These are my own experience.

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