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What are best sunglasses for people with small faces?

I want to buy a pair of fashionable sunglasses, but there are so many sunglasses to choose from. I am just wondering what sunglasses suit for a small face.
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  • Angelica


    It is very easy to buy sunglasses to flatter small faces. If you are female, you can try a pair of cat eye style sunglasses or oval round sunglasses. If you are men, you can try wayfarer style sunglasses and small round sunglasses or black small squared sunglasses. Anyway, you must keep in mind that you shall choose some smaller framed sunglasses to make your face noticeable.
  • Nathan


    The general key is that do not choose a pair of sunglasses with extremely big frame which will make you look quite strange. There are some kinds of sunglasses will flatter people with small face. The first one is aviator style sunglasses which are very classic and work in concert with the vintage trend. The second one is cat eye style sunglasses which will make people with small face look pretty charming. The last one I want to recommend is round shaped sunglasses. If you are a nostalgia person, round shaped sunglasses will satisfy you. If you want to buy online, please try:
  • Andrew bell


    Never choose wide frame sunglasses for your small face. Otherwise it is very hard to wear. Before choosing the best sunglasses for your small faces, you must know the exactly size for your face if you just want to buy them online. However, to many people, it is really hard for them to know their exactly face size. Therefore, personally, I advise that you go to the physical shops to buy them. In the exclusive shop, there are many sunglasses who are specially made for small faces.