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Sue Livingston


What styles of glasses are cool for women?

I am looking for prescription glasses with cool style. What glasses should I go for? Any good recommendation? Thanks!
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    Personally, I think black is the coolest color for prescription glasses for women as purple or red make you look so gentle and tender. Black makes people a feeling of seriousness and silence. If you want your glasses very cool, you can choose black eyeglasses. If it is very big or shaped, it will be very cool. Or, you can have a look at the glasses the famous stars wears and you also can find the one you like very much.
  • Desiree


    In this year, it seems nerdy and geek style glasses are very cool and popular especially among young boys and girls. They are simple but good to flatter them. Besides, some wayfarer style eyeglasses will cool for women that can make them look smart and wise. Besides, metal frames eyeglasses with flowery designed temples also cool for women. You can pick one that fit for your personality.
  • Ethan edward


    If the shape of your face is oval, any kinds of glasses are suitable for you except oval glasses. If your face is baby-round, the square of frame is best for you. It will make your face looked stereoscopic. If the color of your skin is yellow, we need avoiding any yellow frame. Instead, pink, coffee red, silvery, white and any bright light will be suitable for you. If your skin is little red, you can choose grey, and blue eyeglasses frame.

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