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How to measure my pd for glasses by myself?

I am about to buy eyeglasses online and i must offer my PD(Pupillary Distance) for ordering. Any good ways to help me measure my PD correctly by myself at home? Thank you all for your time and suggestions
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  • Jacqueline warren


    Yes, Pd is very important to buy eyeglasses. If you don't know your PD, you can measure it with the help of your friends by the following steps. First, let your friend stand in front of you (face to face), then place a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose. Keep the rule "0" measurement is exactly in line with the center of your left pupil. Second, you shall look straight ahead while let your friend read the measurement between the left pupil and the right pupil. At last, to make sure, you shall try them several times to get accurate PD.
  • Riley


    There is no way to accurately measure the PD by oneself completely. You can find your family or friends for help. PD Self-measuring methods are about as follows: 1. First you have to face the window or light place, and keep the distance apart of 30 cm from the person who helps you measure. 2. Scale keeps level and stick on your nose root, then making the scale's end parallel pupil horizon. 3. You have to smooth inspect ahead the objects far from the distance of 20 meters. 4. Let your partner straightedge zero graduation at your right eye pupil center. 5. Recording the scale that left eye pupil center shows. 6. Repeating many times and take average PD values.

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