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Will pink eye permanently damage my eye?

If my pink eyes haven't been treated for a long time, can pink eyes bring permanently damage to my eyes?
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  • Former Employee


    I am not sure. But it is very rare for people with pink eyes get permanently damages. For people suffered from oink eyes, part of their cornea may get inflamed that may cause eye pain, blurry vision and light sensitivity. If you afraid of permanently damage my eye, you shall see a doctor and get your eyes checked.
  • Vanessa edward


    Well, pink eyes can lead to some other eye problems, such as dry eyes, bloodshot eyes. And it can lead to photophobia. And that can be dangerous for you. Pink eye is a bacterial infection caused by some bacteria. And it is very contagious. So, you should wash your hands frequently if you have it. You can put some ice on your eyes and change it frequently. So for your situation, you can surf the internet and look into some information which can give you good advices on how to eat properly.

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