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How to get sand out of my eyes?

Some sands went into my eyes and then I could not see. My eyes still hurt. What can I do?
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  • Melanie


    You need to get an eyewash device at a drugstore or fill your sink with warm water, dunk your face in it and blink, blink, blink. Try the sink of water with open eyes approach, but roll your eyes from side to side and up and down, if that doesn't work then you can flip your eyelid inside out and swab it with a q tip. Water motion sometimes is helpful and effective. And if that doesn't help, go to the optometrist! Don't screw around with your eyes, it is very dangerous, you only have two of them.
  • Derek T.


    There are several tips you should pay attention to. First, you couldn't rub the eye. Or your unclean hands may affect your eyes. Then, you'd better get a wet washcloth to soothe your irritated eye, which mainly used to make your eye feel better. Or get the warm water directly to wash your eyes till the sands get out of your eye. Third, if all these remedies couldn't help anything to you, go to clinic for a completed heal.
  • emale2222


    This is really painful when sand gets into the eyes. You can look at a mirror and keep your eyes open as wide as you can, try to find where the sand stay in your eyes, and get it out with your finger (you shall make sure your hands are clean) or wet towel. If you can't the sand in your eyes. You can try to blink the eyes quickly to make the sand that hide your eyelid come out. Then get the sands out of your eyes. At last, you'd better wash your eyes after you get sand out of your eyes.
  • Ari


    This is really painful when some sands go into eyes, you should not touch your eyes with your dirty hands because our eyes are very fragile. You can close your eyes for several minutes if it is not so serious , and try to roll your eye balls during this time to make the sands out. You can also wash your eyes with some clean water quickly, meanwhile wipe your eyes with a clean towel softly.. You may feel better after doing this. If you feel very terrible when the sands go into your eyes, you should go to the hospital and ask help from the doctors as soon as possible, we should pay take good care of our eyes for it is the window of our soul.

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