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What do you think of circle contact lenses?

I plan to buy circle contact lenses. What's your opinion about circle contacts. Have you ever tried them? Are them safe? Will make you look more beautiful?
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  • Vivid


    Circle contact lenses become very popular these days because they can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. This kind of contact lenses are lenses tinted with various colors in area of iris of eyes. Although the circle contact lenses are very fashionable, I do not recommend you to buy them for daily life. The circle contact lenses are causes of many eye illness including dry eyes, red eyes, irritated eyes and inflection. However, if you choose it for flatter your face occasionally, they are a kind of good choice. They can make you stand up in the parties once you wear them.
  • Justin fergus


    Yes, I have tried one pair of colored contacts before. When I was in college, I wanted to make my eyes beautiful, so I bought myself black contact lenses. They really make my eyes good-looking, but they are not natural, and all of my friends can pick out that I wore circle contacts. I also have another pair of framed glasses at that time, so, I just wear them on some important occasions. This is what I want to tell you to pay attention to. You should not wear circle contacts in a long time, and make sure that they are with high quality.
  • ryan


    Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses designed to make one's iris appear bigger. They are usually colored and can be both prescription and non-prescription. The big difference between circle lenses and regular lenses is that circle lenses are not only tinted in the areas covering the iris, the extra-wide perimeters of the lenses are also heavily tinted, usually in black. As to the safety, it's risky only if people do not know how to take care of them properly. Like all contact lens prescription or not, there is a risk involved from putting anything in our eyes, I really think that they are just as dangerous as normal colored contacts, but you should buy them after the regular way purchases, I would suggest buying from a reputable source to ensure the safety.
  • Nathan harris


    I didn't try this kind of contact lens yet. The circle contact lens is one type of non-corrective contact lens, which is designed by Japan and is quite famous in Asia. The big difference between circle contact and the normal lens is the size; the circle contact lens has a larger diameter so that it has a larger round iris. It often use for decorating the eyes instead of correcting them. However, it's similar to the normal contact lens, which is wearing directly on the surface of your eye ball. Hence, you had better take care of the circle contact lens as the normal contact lens.