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William clive


What can i do to hide my lazy eyes?

My right eye is lazy and my people are beginning to notice them. It's embarrassing. Is there any way to help me hide my lazy eye? Make up tips or other ideal?
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  • Daniel christian


    For hiding your lazy eyes, you can choose a pair of fashionable glasses with tinted lenses. Firstly, you can select a black nerd frame, because this is a very fashionable and popular type in recent years. This kind of glasses can flatter your face and make your eyes look brightly. Secondly, it's better for you to choose light brown tinted lenses. The light brown is not like dark brown which will let you fell dim when you are in door. The black nerd frame matches with the light brown lenses will help hiding your lazy eyes.
  • Kevin


    Perhaps you can hide your lazy eyes with tinted eyeglasses or sunglasses. The colored lenses that will cover your eyes and stops others to get eye contact with you so as to hide your eyes. Buy you shall buy them with the guide of your eye doctor. Or maybe some colored contact lenses are also help you hide your lazy eyes.