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How to deal with red and irritated eyes when I got soap in it?

I got soap when I was taking shower yesterday and I rubbed my eyes for 3 minutes. My eyes are still red and irritated. Any advices to help me treat them? thank you!
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  • Luis


    Please do not worry. Once you get soap in your eyes, you should wash it out as soon as possible. And then wipe it gently using a dry towel. You must not rub your eyes with your hand. As you described, you have rubbed your eyes for 3 minutes and now the eyes become red and irritated. I guess you got an inflection. You need using some medicine or drops. A few common anti-inflammatory drops will take effect. I advise you to go to the pharmacy to get some drops and in the future try to avoid this case.
  • Thomas keith


    If you wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water intermediately, you will be fine. Don't worry, it will recover a few days. And the redness of eyes is just a natural reaction. Nevertheless, this is situation is also depending on the soap you use. If you feel very terrible of your eyes and worry about it, you'd better see a eye doctor for sure.