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Alexander david


What earrings to wear with glasses?

I am nearsighted and always wear glasses. Can you tell me what kind of earrings should i wear that can match my eyeglasses?
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  • cecil


    In my opinion, you can wear any kinds of earrings according to your moods. To be more satisfied, you can pay attention to the match. A pair of small and exquisite earrings can be matched with gentle woman like and light-colored eyeglasses. For a pair of fashionable earrings, they can be matched with black framed glasses. Anyway, it depends on yourself.
  • george


    I quite understand your feeling, because nobody wants to wear the wrong earrings with glasses, that is awful. So, based on your situation, I would like to recommend big and droopy earrings to you, but your earrings should not be much too exotic, which would be incompatible with your eyewear. So, if you are really concerned about this, you should try different earrings in front of the mirror until you find the most suitable one.
  • Vanessa edward


    For glasses matching,I suppose that long pendant earrings may be suitable for you. That's a sense of clash.Your beauty needn't be hidden by the kinda nerd nearsighted glasses.So ,try to pick up some glamorous earrings . However,you need to pay attention to the colors.Make sure the color of your glasses can match the color of the earrings. To make it more charming,you have to match your earrings with your clothes,I mean, the type should be similar.

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