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Can I go on a holiday after having cataract surgery?

I had a cataract surgery recently. The surgeon told me that I should stay at home for a good rest. But I want to go on a holiday with my daughters. Can I do that? Any good suggestions?
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  • Liz Rogers


    Can I walk on beach a week after cataract surgery if I wear eye shield


    I think you can go on a holiday with your daughters. Usually a holiday is good for a patient to recover more quickly. You can buy a pair of sunglasses and wear them all the way. You can avoid touching those dirty things to prevent an eye infection. I think your daughter will take care of you during your holiday. So don't hesitate to enjoy a good holiday with them. But if the sunshine is too strong, you'd better stay in the house. You can hang out in the early morning or in the evening. This may totally depend on where you are going and what kind of activity you will take part in. good luck!
  • handygrl_90


    Well, I will not agree with you to have a holiday right after having cataract surgery. But you can put off the holiday for two weeks. I think you can go on a holiday when your eyes are better. If your families want to enjoy the sunshine in a beach, you'd better not go with them even though you have prepared yourself with a pair of good sunglasses. Your eyes are sensitive to light in this period. Sunlight will burn your eyes because your eyes are very tender when they are in the convalescence. Your eyes are easy to get damages at this time. And you may develop cataract again.
  • Rebecca


    Frankly speaking, it is not highly suggested. After the cataract surgery, do not rub the eye which has been operated on.Always wash your hands before touching your face and eye.Wash your hands after instilling your eye medication also.
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  • Zachary


    I think you'd better stay at home. The surgeons will told many patients to stay at home after cataract surgery because the eyes are very tender after having cataract surgery. Any small infections will cause blurred vision and may need further enhancement surgery. And the patients should avoid too much exposure to sunlight at this time. So I think you'd better stay at home for at least two weeks. Hope you will be fine soon!