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How to get rid of popped blood vessels in your eyes?

I have popped blood vessels in my eyes. I don't know what caused this. Can you tell me how to get rid of them?
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  • ebernardino


    Sweetie, if you just mean you have dilated blood vessels in your eyes, it can be caused by many reasons and usually this kind of symptom will go away on its own and needn't any special medical treatment. But if you mean that you can see blood on the whites of your eyes, I think you'd better see an eye doctor immediately. I come across many bloodshot eyes on Google today. It looks horrible. They look like an eye trauma. I don't know what will cause this. But they just scared me. I think doctors can explain this for you. Good luck!
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    I think you must find out what caused your popped blood vessels first. I often get red eyes because I can't sleep tight in the night recently. But if you stay up to watch TV in one night, you may find popped blood vessels in your eyes the next day morning. So, as to me, lack of sleep causes my red eyes. If you have the same problem with me, you must catch up enough sleep. Hope this helped!
  • Judy


    Drinking alcohol can lead to popped blood vessels in one's eyes, because alcohol can excite people and increase the blood circulation, and at this time, our blood vessels dilate. Sometimes, the tiny blood vessels in our eyes will burst and this will cause bloodshot eyes. But it is not very serious, every time when blink our eyelids, the water in our eyes will flush them out.

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