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How to give yourself a fake pink eye?

I have never had pink eye before. And I never saw a person who had pink eye. So can you tell me how to give myself fake pink eye?
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  • b0ys_r_gay


    Sweetie, pink eye is a kind of eye infection which was caused by virus or bacteria. it is a good news that you never had pink eye before because pink eye looks horrible and it makes the patents suffers a lot during this infection. Some kind of pink eye can be highly contagious. So the patients need to stay at home until all the symptoms go away. And your loved one can be infected too. Some people will fake pink eye by rubbing their eyes or get foreign objects into their eyes. But I suggest you not to do that because eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body, and any kind of small injury will cause great damages to them, and this may make you suffer a lot in the end. Hope you can take care of your eyes!
  • ha ja


    i want to give myaelf a pink eye
  • Susan


    You can rub your eyelids for a few minutes. This will cause red appearance in your eyes. Then you just need to rub some hair gel or something clear on your upper and lower eyelashes. You can play with a piece of onion for several minutes. The onion will make you tear. Now here it is. You have all the symptoms of pink eye.
  • walkercub76


    I never had pink eye too. But I know that the person who have pink eye must stay at home until the pink eye was cured. So if you are looking for a day off from school or work, you can fake yourself a pink eye. But I also heard that many company will deduct pay. What a bad rule! But you can have a try too. First, you can use some tissue to roll into a long thin object that can fit up your nose. Usually the tissues are very soft and won't cause damage to your nose. Second, you need to lie down in a bed or couch and prepare to sneeze. Third, you can tickle the inside of your nose with the thin object and make yourself sneeze. After doing this for several times, you may have watery eyes after sneezing. Remember that you can't wipe the liquid from your face at this moment. Fourth, repeat tickle your nose until you think it is OK. Fifth, lie down and wait for the liquid on your face to dry. You will definitely have crusty eyes in the end. Now you looks like you have pink eye. Good luck!
  • emi47678


    There are a handful of techniques how to fake pink eye. These range from the fairly simple to the complex. The easiest way to do this is by simply rubbing your eyes. Do this for a minute and your eyes will be red in no time. But before you do so, make sure to clean up your hands first to avoid irritation.Another way to redden your eyes is through the use of chemicals, specifically soap and shampoo. Be forewarned, though: doing this will cause a moderately painful to a stinging burning sensation in the eyes.Hate the burning sensation in your eyes? Here's another way how to fake pink eye. This method is basically all about inducing yourself to sneeze repeatedly until your eyes turn red and tears well up.
  • Grand lee


    You can reference detail information for your question in this page: hope this helps:)
  • Dr. Malachi Nassir


    Rub Vaseline under your eyes.