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Cameron giles


How to get rid of a black eye that won't go away?

I have a black eye. I have tried many ways to remove it. But it won't go away. Can you tell me how to get rid of it?
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  • crc32


    Well, it takes time to remove a black eye. Every time I gave myself a bruise, though it was not serious, it would take at least one week for it to disappear totally. So you need to be patient. If your black eye is very serious, it may take you one month to remove it. Have you tried the toothpaste? I heard that it works well to relieve a black eye. And there are other ways to help get rid of a black eye. Have you had a look on this website? If you input the words such as a black eye, you can find many questions related with a black eye and many suggestions posted by people. Some of the suggestions can be very useful. Hope you can find a way to treat with your black eye. Be patient! Good luck!
  • John clark


    You can use make up to cover your black eye. I think this works best for a black eye or some freckles on face. Usually it will take a few weeks to get rid of a serious black eye. It can be really boring for a man to carry with a black eye when he or she is working. But nowadays many woman and men use make up to enhance their looks. So you can use make up to cover your black eye too. Hope this helped.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    Many people will tell us that a black eye will be gone within a week. But sometimes a black eye does not go away within a week. You can try many ways to get rid of it faster. But if the ways don't work, you may need to see a doctor immediately. Good luck!
  • David


    Dear, what caused your black eye? Why not see an eye doctor immediately? Are you beaten by your parents? If you are beaten by your parents, you must let other people know. The judge will declare them unfit parents and the law will punish them. You need to see a doctor immediately.
  • Christina


    The same has happened to me in last summer. I hurt one of my eyes and it really hurt at that moment. After that I had been always wearing a black eye for nearly a month. I hadn't tried anything on it because every time my mum wanted to help my bruise with an egg. It hurt. I couldn't bear that. So I just let it be and forgot about it when I was in school or playing outside.

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