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Does walmart vision center accept blue cross?

I heard that an eye exam in walmart vision center is very cheap. I want to have a try. But I only have blue cross at hand. Does walmart vision center accept blue cross?
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  • crazyforluke


    You can go there! this is the website of an eye doctor. His store locates in walmart vision center. He can provide customers with eye exams of low fees. And this doctor also accept blue cross. You can have a look first. Good luck!
  • Caroline


    Walmart vision center will take many kinds of insurances. But the situation varies from place to place. There are related rules in each state or location. In some places, the walmart vision center may refuse to accept your blue cross. So I suggest you to make a call first. The stuffs will tell you whether you can cover a part of your eye exam fees with blue cross or not. Good luck! Hope this helped!
  • Ana clive


    Sweetie, you can call 800.905.4102 or visit to know whether you can cover a part of your eye exam fees with blue cross. It is said that walmart vision centers accept blue cross for materials. But the Doctors that are affiliated with the walmart vision centers are not walmart employees, so that participation for exams varies. You can find this information on this website. Hope this helped!
  • Andrea


    You can ask the stuffs in walmart vision center directly. I think the stuffs may get this question all day long because different place accepts different insurances. Many customers are confused about this too. But if you have other insurances, you can collect more information from the stuff, so that you can know where to go the next time. Or you can contact with your vision insurance agents. They will tell you which medical insurance services are accepted. Maybe they can also give you guidance about where to go will help save your money. Good luck!
  • Sara scott


    I know that walmart at Lexington accepts Blue Cross. I haven't had an eye exam at other places so I don't know whether other places will accept blue cross or not. And I know that walmart accepts Avesis, OptiCare, March Vision, Superior Vision and Advantica, National Vision Administrators. Hope this information is useful to you. And good luck!
  • Joyce Barnes


    Does Walmart expect amethum blue cross n blue shield? Who's the doctor
  • Leo Leduc Jr


    I need an eye exam with single vision how much for the exam and how much for the lens replacement cost