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Debbie Morton


Can vinegar water make you go blind?

Is it possible to go blind because of vinegar water? Why or why not?
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  • gary


    Well, I quite understand your anxiety over this matter. So, from what I know, vinegar water may cause some damage to your eyes, because they are quite irritative to your eyes , your cornea, as well as your pupil, anyway you had better keep it away from your eyes. If you carelessly splash some vinegar water into your eyes, you would suffer painful feelings and even go blind. Anyway, you should get immediate treatment if it really happened.
  • Mya baker


    It is impossible if you mean the usually vinegar with water. It is the sauce that we could eat. It is not some kind of chemicals which could be very irritative to your eyes. If you feel bad about it, just rinse your eyes with running water at once. Actually your eyes will have a lot of tears running out, which is the automatic reaction to the vinegar water you get into eyes. The tears could wash it out. Don't worry too much. If you keep feel burning or pain in eyes, please go to see an oculist for help.
  • Daniel


    Yes, it is possible for you to go blind because of vinegar water because of its effumability which will broke your inner eye structure, like the corneal or the eye nerves. However, you should not let your eyes get the vinegar water by accident. If you get, you'd better go to the hospital to let the professional ones to wash the eyes for you.

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