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Why do young people need bifocal glasses?

It is really weird for me to find some young people wearing bifocal eyeglasses. How can such a young kid need bifocals?
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  • cute_but_catty


    As we know, bifocal glasses are used by patients whose eyes are mixed with different types of refractive errors, that is myopia, hyperopia and astigmastism. They are most probably wore by the elderly. But here comes a strange phenomenon, that is young people also need bifocal glasses. Why? The elderly need them because their vision degenerates as time goes by. Young people need them because the development of vision has not jet been completed. And what is worse, this vision development can even be abnormal for different facts of the environment. So young people can not only have myopia because of improper use of eyes, but also hyperopia and astigmastism. Bifocal glasses provide both distance and near vision aids, so that the visual acuity of young people can be corrected.
  • Melissa duncan


    As we know, bifocal glasses are usually used by people with presbyopia. In fact, they are also used by people who need to vision correction in two distance. Though it is wired to find some kids wearing bifocal eyeglasses, they have the effect to reduce the amount of eye strain during close work. And kids wearing mild prescription lenses for presbyopia can help them prevent myopia.
  • emptypayphone


    Generally speaking, bifocals are prescription eyeglasses that are typically designed for those who have difficulty in seeing things both near and far, and they are usually worn to help people over 40 years old with presbyopia. This kind of glasses has two lens power. The upside is to help to see far, and the downside is to help to see near. Nowadays bifocal glasses can be designed according to the age and visual needs of the wearers.
  • Hunter jackson


    First you should know who really need bifocal glasses? These people who not only get nearsighted but also have the presbyopic which was often gotten by the mid-aged and the old really need bifocal glasses. So if the one has the two symptoms, he really needs bifocal glasses. Even if you are young, you still need bifocal glasses because they really can help your vision.
  • Adam peters


    People need bifocal glasses because sometimes more than one focal length is needed for one to see things of all distances clearly. People over 40 have a fairly large chance of being caught up with two types of vision problems, one being presbyopia and the other myopia. To see things up-close and far away, distinctly different focal points are needed that's why two distinct powers are blended on one lens and made into bifocal glasses as we know it. With those glasses, double-sufferers of presbyopia and myopia don't need to switch constantly between glasses.