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how much do Expressions contact lenses cost?

I am planning to buy a box of Expression contact lenses, how much do they usually cost?
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  • Trinity


    I have saw it online that it is sold about 35$. Actually, i don't know if that the real prices because i never buy Expressions contact lenses. If you want to know, just buy ask the sellers who carrying Expressions contact lenses. If don't want to go their local shop for the contacts. Just search it online. Hope this helps.
  • emo_pain_818


    I once bought a box of Expression contact lenses for $40 online. They are weekly disposable ones. It offers a much more dramatic change than the Freshlook Colorblends that I had used before. These lenses also fit slightly better than the Freshlook lenses. I really love this brand.
  • Lesli Poland


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