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Can myopia be reversed naturally?

I have slight myopia in both eyes and i am only 14 year old. is there any chance that myopia can be reversed naturally?
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  • James


    I have saw some article online that said mild myopia can recovery if you insist doing eye exercise and take good care of your eyes. But in real life, i never meet people who reverse their myopia in a naturally way. But there is a new way- lasiky surgery. I heard that will help cure myopia. But i never try and still wearing my prescription glasses. Now, i think what you can do is to take good care of your eyes and help stop the worsen of your eyesight.


    I have heard that Bates eye palming can cure myopia, astygmatism, hypermetropia and nearly every eye problem that is not due to a trauma. But it is really hard to believe it. I have tried for several months but it failed. Maybe it will work if you can insist for more time. If wearing glasses is not a big trouble for you, just leave it alone. I have been wearing glasses for more than 10 years.
  • covenmasters


    Some people online said that myopia can be cured by eye exercise or Yaga. But it seems not so effective to me. I am nearsighted and wear eyeglasses for about 8 years. At one time, I have tried to treat my eyes by doing eye exercise that most people recommend online. I insisted to do it about 3 mouths. But it is not as effective as people online described. I still need eyeglasses or contact lenses. But I can’t deny that my poor vision has been improved. If you want to reduce your high prescription, maybe doing eye exercise is a good choice. And you can find videos of eye exercise at youtube. Hope this can help you.
  • Ariana


    Well, for your situation, you can just be careful about your eyes, and then myopia can just disappear. And myopia can be very annoying. In common, when you get myopia, it will be hard for you to read at a close distance, even if you are very young. By the way, according to some research, the degree of myopia have be related to degenerative eye conditions and diseases like glaucoma and cataract , which can affect both vision and ocular health. So it can just be dangerous. For your situation, you can just try some ways to treat it. For example, you can try some bilberry. And bilberry is a plant which can produce small berries that appear similar to a blueberry. By using it, anthocyanosides found in bilberry can just be good for your vision. Also, you need to control the time you use your eyes, so that myopia cannot be serious.