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Shelby rodney


What are some cool sunglasses for bald men?

i am looking to buy some cool sunglasses. What type of sunglasses do you recommend for bald men?
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  • Luke shelley


    To look the cool sunglasses, you shall most depend on the shape of your face and head. If you have no idea which sunglasses to start, big lenses black sunglasses will be a good choices. They match lots of people of different skin color, face shape and dressing style. If you want to wear some individual sunglasses, you shall choose sunglasses that contrast shape of your face shape. And if you have fine and fair skin, you can choose some bright colored sunglasses, Or you'd better choose some dark colored sunglasses.
  • Shelby harris


    You can try aviator sunglasses. They are sexy and look good on almost everybody. You can easily find many superstars wear such style sunglasses in public. The most famous brand of aviator sunglasses is Ray Ban which offers more value and less cost .
  • clam_i_am


    For those bald men to choose cool sunglasses, one important thing must be kept in mind: the bigger the lens the better! The aviator and wayfarers sunglasses are the safe options. No matter what kind of your head is, you can choose these two kinds. Aviators are quite classic and have always been in style. Wayfarer is now a mainstream of fashion and very suitable for those who are with shaved head. If you want to be more outstanding or attractive, clubmaster and rounded frames are good choices. Try to avoid the styles such as Wrap around Styles or Diamantes, Big Branding and Embellishment, which will easily make bald men look quite strange.


    There are several tips for you to choose a cool pair of sunglasses that really suits you. I think the bald head doesn't really matter when choosing the sunglasses. I have several suggestions. Firstly, you should choose some simply-designed sunglasses. The simpleness will make you look just concise and also help to show your good taste. Then, you can pick some bright-colored sport sunglasses. It will make you look fashionable and very cool. Finally, you can also try the pilot sunglasses, which are quite fashionable this year. What's more, you can also pay attention to the color and size of your sunglasses when choosing.