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Catherine williams


What swimming goggles are good for a big nose?

Can someone recommend me a pair of swimming goggles that suits a big nose? I have tried many swimming goggles, but they all hurt my nose
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  • Chenely


    Perhaps you can try some swim goggles with wide nose bridges that can give you comfortable wearing. If not, you may have to seek swimming goggles that with an adjustable nose bridges pieces. If the swimming goggles still tight, you can try to remove the bridge pieces completely and tie the pieces together like you do with Swedes. Or ask suggestion from sellers who sell swimming goggles. Hope this help you.
  • christraper


    You can try Smith Top Fuel goggle or the new Scott 89Xi goggle. Both are very good goggles and don't seem to pinch the nose as bad as the older goggles. If you don't know where to buy them, online stores are good places. You can also make them prescription goggles if you need to wear glasses.

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