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What color sunglasses are best for a dark skin man?

I have really dark skin and I'm wondering what color sunglasses would look best for my skin tone.
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  • Vishnu Ramesh


    I am from india and i have a dark skin complexion, mainly brown colour. I have been consulting my friends and many of them told me shades wont suit you. I was very disappointed. But when i came across few websites, i did realize there are shades for me but which one is the right, I don't know. Anyone please suggest me the best colors for my complexion so that i can buy the right ones.
  • Luke oliver


    I hold the view that you'd better choose a pair of reflective or colored sunglasses. Reflective sunglasses will highlight your facial features and will complement your dark skin. Try to avoid colors like dark brown, black, turquoise, magenta and spring green which will make you look quite inharmonious. Men with dark skins may also choose ice blue, royal blue, ice green or even blue reds and hot pink if you love glamour. Besides, when you choose a pair of sunglasses, it is wonderful if you can find Rimless and semi-rimless ones. Because they also have the effect of making an ageing skin look younger and a dull one look brighter.
  • Eric


    People with black skin tone should avoid light and warm color sunglasses. It would be better if you choose cold color sunglasses, such as gray, black, deep coffee and brown. My skin tone is a little dark, too. I bought a pair of black sunglasses with stones in the frame. It doesn't look very attractive, but it fits me very well. Please do not choose sunglasses with flowers on the frame if you are a young girl with dark skin, I tried it, and it didn't look so good. Besides the color of the sunglasses, should also pay attention to the feature of your face.
  • chopperkriss


    To flatter you and give you a more attractive appearance, you can try sunglasses with lighter colored lenses like that if brown and matte black. And you shall avoid some sunglasses with the same color of your skin. And blacks rims or gold rimmed sunglasses will fit for you best. Nevertheless, black aviator sunglasses grey aviator sunglasses are also good for dark skin people.
  • chosen_cookie


    To choose sunglasses color, you should follow a rule that it is supposed to be contrary to your skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone, you can go for lighter color of sunglasses such as brown and matte black. Avoid stunning green lens as they will not compliment your skin tone. For the most attractive appearance, the color of your eyeglass frames should complement your complexion.
  • Danielle


    I think there are several things you should pay attention to while choosing a pair of sunglass if you're a dark skin man. Firstly, I suggest you'd better not wear dark-colored or gray-colored sunglasses, for they can not help to show the beauty of the healthy dark skin so well. Secondly, I think you can try some sunglasses in bright colors, like the blue and green ones. They will create a strong contrast with your skin and make you look just healthy and fashionable.
  • cliffistheshit


    For the most attractive appearance, the color of your eyeglasses frames should complement your skin tone. Skin tone is broadly classified as either warm or cool. So, if you have a dark skin, which was considerate as cool skin tone. The sunglasses frame color should be silver, violet, pink, pewter, gunmetal, blue, blue-gray and charcoal. Hope this helpful.

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