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Is it okay to wear circle lenses everyday?

Is it bad if i wear my circle lenses everyday? Does the circle lenses hurt my cornea?
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  • elderoo


    Well, it is ok to wear your circle contact lenses for about 8 hours everyday. If you do that, it will be fine. But on the other hand, if you wear them when you go to sleep, it will be harm to your eyes, for your eyes need to breathe and circle lenses are usually on the thicker side. Or it will lead to eye infection and many other eye diseases, such as the pink eyes, dry eyes. Also, you should not wear contact lenses, when you have shower. In that way, it can let some water get into your contacts, and some bacteria invade into your eyes. Anyway, it can be bad for your eyes. so just avoid it.
  • Zachary


    Well, it seems that you like to wear circle lenses or contact lenses on a regular basis. And perhaps you would bring you the convenience and great image effect you desired. However, I have to inform you that there are some side effects from wearing them too much.Such as red eyes, stye, and some uncomfortable feelings, even some cornea infection. So, as long as you want to stay healthy, you should wear less and try some alternatives.
  • Kimberly


    It is bad for you to wear the circle lenses everyday which may make your eyes feel dry and hurt your cornea. You should not wear it more than eight hours a day. You'd better have the good rest for the eyes because the eyes need the fresh breathe. If you have to wear it every day, you'd better keep the good habit of hygiene and keep notice of diet to keep the eyes moisture.