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How long does it take for eye dilation to go away?

If i my eyes dilate, how long it will bother me?
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  • Dip


    Well, generally speaking, it will just take several days to your eye dilation to go away. So you can just not be worried about it. Also, you should know that dilated pupils occur, when the pupils, the black part of the eye are bigger than normal. And there are many different factors which can cause pupils to be dilated, such as high blood pressure and anxiety. Besides, drug use, illness, and trauma are other causes. So you should pay attention to them. For example, when you are anxious, your blood pressure will become high. In this way, it will affect your eye pressures. In some degree, it can lead to dilated pupils. And in my opinion, you can go and have a test in the hospital.
  • Jacqueline hall


    When you have find something interesting or you are shocked by something, the eyes will unconsciously dilate to some degree. However, they will get recovery in a second when you transfer the concentration from one side. However, when you have great burden in life and work in the high focus for a long time, your eyes may dilate for several minutes during your hard work. However, it will be bad for your eyes which may decrease the healthy aspect of your eyes. If you often have dilated eyes with no unconscious state, you should take notice of your health. You may have a full check on your eyes and other parts. You should eat more food with vitamin B which will let you get avoid of other eye problems. You should also take notice of the good life habit. You could exercise a lot which may help you a lot to balance the life.
  • Alexa


    It depends, so I suggest you to know something detailed. You have to know, the enlargement of the pupil helps conduct proper examination of the eye. During eye examination, doctors add eye drops to dilate the pupils. Dilation will help in diagnosis of any eye disease. Pupil dilation can cause blurry vision until the effect of the drug is diminished. On top of that the duration of pupil dilation depends on the type and concentration of the drug used. Generally, dilation lasts three to six hours. Sometimes, the dilation can extend up to 24 hours if a more concentrated drug is used. Atropine is a common eye drop used to dilate pupils during eye examination.

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