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Is it possible to change your eye color permanently?

I have a pair of black eyes. I want to make my eyes look more brown. Can i get that brown eyes without wearing contact lenses? Is it possible to change your eye color permanently?
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  • eddy


    As we know, if you want to show the brown eyes if you have the black eyes, you could wear the contact lenses temporarily. However it will come back to the black color of the eyes again after you take off the contact lenses. The eyes color is determined by the iris pigment. It is the production of genetic genes. In order to change your eye color permanently, you could try the artificial iris transplant which is developed on the basis of cataract surgery, safe and reliable in several cases of surgery has been completed. There was no postoperative adverse reactions mainly used in the treatment of congenital albino eye. Eye iris injury deformation of surgery patients can also be used except for medical which can also be used for cosmetic. It can permanently change the eye color which could make you look so gorgeous. The transplant artificial iris is produced by an American lab, business called new rainbow. Its material has won the U.S. food and drug administration approval at present. You could take this surgery to get your wish.
  • chrisss_129


    As a matter of fact, black is not considered as an eye color. You probably have dark brown eyes whose iris are pigmented too dark that they seem to be black. Dark brown eyes are formed with a high concentration of melanin in the stroma of your iris, which absorb both short and long wavelenth. As a result, your eyes look dark. If you want to make your eye color lighter, you have to change the amount of melanin in the stroma of your iris. Laser surgery has been proved to be able to change your eye color by doing so. However, this surgery poses a question to you. Do you value vanity or vision? Is is known to all that there are many complications for laser eye surgery. So does this one. Will you change the eye color at the price of your eyesight? My suggestion is that you never sacrifice your health for appearance.