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Faith fergus


What causes eye floaters in children ?

It is so strange that doctor say that my child get eye floaters. My child just 9 years old. Is this normal? What causes it?
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  • walkthewalk46


    Eye floaters may result from cataract, laser surgery, diabetic retinopathy, eye injury or eye disease when they cause inflammation like conjunctivitis. Technically speaking, gel or cells clumping inside your eyes cause the eye floater, which will move along with your pupils, making many little oddly shaped objects appear in your vision, especially when you look at a white paper or a blue sky. While, benign eye floaters generally will not evolve because they tends to occur only in certain types of light. What your boy need to do is to learn to live with eye floaters and ignore them. They will go away while occur some days or months later. But if your son feels pain and discomfort, or it happens just after a eye surgery, do not heistate to see a doctor. Also, when he feels flashes of light or part vision loss associated with eye floaters, see a doctor right away, because it potentially leads to permanent vision loss.
  • Jada shelley


    It is normal for your 9 year old child to get the eye floaters because of the coming invisible bacterium. You need to let your child use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to get rid of the bacterium and moisture the eyes. You could also find the hot water and clean cloth to let your child do the warm compress which will make his eye become comfortable.
  • Dan Samberg


    A large amount of eye floaters which affect vision or appear suddenly are often a sign of tears or detachment of retina. This can happen to all age group, though quite rare. Detached retina can be caused by aging, trauma, heavy myopia, or complication of prk surgery. Check if your child has been beaten badly or had prk surgery.If not, you need to consult the doctor for more detailed information.