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Can damp cause itchy eyes?

Is it possible to get itchy eyes because of staying in damp place? Any idea?
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  • Joseph


    Yes, it is possible to get itchy eyes because of staying in damp place. Our eyes are very sensitive, so staying in damp and hot places can cause itchy eyes. But not everyone will get itchy eyes. People who havesynaphymenitis will have itchy eyes. And for those who have synaphymenitis can use Norfloxacin Eye-drops to make their eyes feel better. Usually you should pay attention to eye health. Don't eat spicy food at ordinary times and do not use eye excessively, rest more,and you had better go to see an eye doctor.
  • Ana clive


    Yes, it is. You are likely to suffer from itchy eyes, when you stay in a damp place for too long. That's because mold often arises from damp places on the walls, corners or wooden structures. People may suffer from allergies because of the mold. It makes you have itchy eyes and sneezing nose. Even if there is no mold at all, it could be dangerous for people to stay in damp places. As the air is humid and laden with hydrone, who knows what there are in the hydrone. Maybe bacteria, virus, fungas, dust, and so on. Some of the bacteria are extremely harmful to your eyes.
  • green


    Yes, it is possible for you to get itchy eyes because of staying in damp place because there is a lot of bacterium which is invisible in the damp environment. The coming invisible bacterium will cause the itchy eyes which will make you feel not comfortable. You could go to use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. The warm compress is also a good way for you to treat your eyes.

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