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How much are prescription sunglasses at target?

Is there anyone who has bought prescription sunglasses at Target? Are they expensive? How much do they charge for a pair of sunglasses?
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  • Myra Taylor


    At Target Optical we offer the best deals on contact lenses and colored contacts. Receive discount prices on the hottest contact lens brands. So, as you can see, you can easily find loads and loads of great sunglasses of various types at Target. And generally speaking, their prices are just modest , just would not bleed you. Typically, a pair of them would cost you about 100 or so.
  • Neil


    The common type of prescription sunglasses at Target is about $ 60. If you want to buy the good one with perfect quality and cool appearance, you could buy the one with higher price at Target. In addition, Target is such a good place for you to buy the eyeglasses because of the quality and appearance.

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