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Where does the crust in your eye come from ?

I just got crust eyes. It makes me upset. What causes it? Is there anything that I can do now?
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  • handril


    Well, generally speaking, the crust in your eyes can be a sign of blepharitis. And you just need to be careful about it. According to some recent researches, blepharitis can just cause the eyelids to be swollen and scaly-appearing at the base of the eyelashes. Of course, you need to know that if the scales become coarser, the surface of the eye becomes irritated and forms crusts. So we can say that crusts come from scales, and it may be because of eye irritation. And discomfort in your eyes can just bother you. In my opinion, you should just have some cool tea bags with some cold compresses.
  • Jason


    Your crust eyes must be from the long time invisible bacterium sediment in the eyes. You will absolutely feel painful and not comfortable. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes get comfortable. You could also find the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress. You may find that long time continuous home remedies which are suggested above may be helpful for your crust eyes. If your crust eyes do not decline a little, you need to go to see the doctor and check the eyes fully. Usually the above two ways which are followed in the continuous time will release your crust eyes.

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