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What causes regression after lasik?

I took a lasik surgery to correct my vision. But after taking the surgery, i still have poor vision. Why? What causes the regression after lasik ?
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  • Andrea


    Well, generally speaking, lasik eye surgery stands for laser in situ keratomileusis, and it can be very effective and safe for many people who want to improve their vision. And this kind of surgery will treat refractive errors, improve vision, and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. But if you do not have good protection for your eyes, it will just make your vision regress. And in common, the causes can be eye infection, and bad habit. So you need to follow some attention told by doctors.
  • Falcon


    Usually after taking the lasik surgery, people will get the right vision. That is why a lot of people take this modern way to help them get the right sight. Your situation is a little different. Before the surgery, you must have gone through the text. Your regression after lasik surgery may be caused by your bad habits of using your eyes after the surgery. You may use the computers or ipad or iphone which puts the radiation to you. That is the reason why it affects your corrected vision. You may not have the good rest for the eyes, just not reading books, watching tv or computers. It is so pity for you to have poor vision after the lasik surgery.

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