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Katelyn owen


Can seizures cause double vision?

Is it possible to get double vision from seizures? Can seizures affect our vision? Can somebody give me an explanation?
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  • croatiadiary


      Well, yes, seizures can just lead to double vision. According to some experts, seizures can just lead to some problems. For example, they may cause uncontrollable shaking and loss of consciousness, but more often, people simply stop moving or become unaware of what is happening. And also, because of it, headache can be possible. but on the other hand, you should know that seizures can just cause some eye problems too. For example, seizures will affect your vision, leading to double vision. Also, because of the high blood pressure caused by seizures, dilated pupils can occur too. So just pay more attention to your eyes.
  • hand_and_soul


    Yes, seizures will cause your double vision because of the affection at the whole nerves in the body which are interlinked. Once you get seizures, your skin or eyes may be dry easily which you will not feel comfortable. The dryness of the eyes is the main reason for the double vision. You may see things in the blurry state. You could use the eye drops to moisture your eyes. It will be so useful. The food with vitamin C could also be effective. You could have a try. The vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. You need to have the good rest for the eyes and make them get clear at the sight through the healthy diet and good rest. You should not ignore the double vision which will make your eyes feel not comfortable.
  • Rebecca


    Opening your eyes and seeing a single, clear image is something you probably take for granted. But that seemingly automatic process depends on the orchestration of multiple areas of the vision system. They all need to work together seamlessly:

    The cornea is the clear window into the eye. It does most of the focusing of incoming light.
    The lens is behind the pupil. It also helps focus light onto the retina.
    Muscles of the eye -- extraocular muscles -- rotate the eye.
    Nerves carry visual information from the eyes to the brain.
    The brain is where several areas process visual information from the eyes.

    Problems with any part of the vision system can lead to double vision.
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