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What to expect after prk eye surgery ?

I know that prk eye surgery can correct vision. But what are the other benefits or side effects? What can I expect to get from prk surgery?
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  • Angelica christian


      Well, generally speaking, prk surgery is well known for its good function for many people. First, you need to know that prk surgery is a kind of eye surgery which is to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by removing surface cells of the cornea. In the surgery, it will just remove some surface cells within the cornea without blades so, for many people, after the surgery, it will be free to see without glasses or contacts. But on the other hand, after the surgery, you need to pay more attention to some risks such as infection, bleeding, for the eyes after surgery are very sensitive and fragile. So just be careful about it.
  • Jason lester


    Now with the large use of computers and other electrical products, people with short sighted problems become more and more at the number. A lot of people choose to use the prk surgery to treat their eyes and make them have the right vision. However before they take the surgery, they will accept the text to see whether they are qualified to take the surgery. After the surgery, they will own the normal sight as the normal people. They will see things clearly, not using the eyeglasses any more. However there may be some side effects for them. For example, their eyes may be red or dry. They may even get other serious problems at the eyes. Thus, they need to have the good rest for the eyes. They should not use the computer within the first week. Their diet should also be taken notice of. Eating more food with vitamin C will be so helpful for them.

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