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how long does an eye infection take to heal ?

I got eye infection. It is really painful. Can you tell me how long does an eye infection take to heal ?
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  • Makayla


    Yeah, eye infection is really very painful. As usual, the length of the eye infection taking to heal will depend on many kinds of factors. Firstly, if your overall health and nutritional status are enough to help you fight with the infection, the eye infection will get recovered within about 3 days. Next, if your infection is not serious and your immune system is strong, the infection will only last several hours, because your body has a magnificent ability to heal itself. Besides, as we all know, there are many kinds of bacteria and the type or types of bacteria will also play an important role in healing the eye infection. Some pills respond better to the bacteria but some are worse as different bacteria is allergic to the different medicine. Last but not the least, your own behavior affects the length of the infection take to heal, namely, if you take care of your eyes carefully during the infection avoid across-infection, your eye infection recover at the early time. Good luck with you.
  • walkingnreverse


    Well, you should know that eye infection is normal for many people, and it will take a few days to recover. Generally speaking, eye infection is caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. We can say that irritants lead to eye infection. In many cases, when eye infection occurs, it can make your eyes feel itchy, red, burred, and painful. So you should take some measures to treat your symptom. First, you should find out the direct infection cause. Also, you can put some tea bags on your eyes. As we know that tea bags contain a high concentration of the chemical epigallocatechin gallate, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve your symptom. Anyway, you can have a try. I think it can do a good help to your eyes.
  • enycelilmamii


    If you keep on using the eye drops to get rid of the inflammation parts and have the good habit of life with good hygiene, your eye infection will be released after about a week. However, if you don't treat it serious, the eye infection will cause other eye problems. You should take this into quick action and treat it in careful way.
  • Zoe Wang


    It is hard to say that how long does an eye infection take to heal. The time actually depend on the type of infection and the severity. Usually, for some people with mild eye infection, it takes a week to heal it. But for some sever eye infection, it is possible need several weeks. And during the cure time, you shall avoid your eyes from intensive sunshine and UV rays.
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